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When your water heater stops working it can be a serious inconvenience. Some repair companies can’t get to you for days or even weeks! Don’t be stuck with cold water for shower, laundry and dishes call The Plumbing Joint Inc. today and we will provide professional inspection, repair or replacement.  We also provide installation services for ALL types of water heaters.   The Plumbing Joint is also proud to be able to provide a transparent pricing structure that gives you up-front estimates that you can count on. With over 40 years of providing water heater services we are truly the experts in water heater repair in Bellevue, WA.

Our experienced technicians are specifically trained to quickly diagnose the problem with your water heater and provide cost-effective solutions. No matter the make, model, or size of water heater you have, we have the expertise to fix your water heater problem and get you back to normal. Our technicians work on residential, industrial, and commercial water heaters alike.

We Can Repair It All!

Experiencing any of THESE issues?

Whether it be a malfunction with your water heater or regular maintenance to extend the life of your system- we are here to help. Our warehouse of parts and full-stocked maintenance vehicles keep us ready to handle any water heater issue, without waiting to order parts. No matter what the issue is with your water heater we can help.

Replacement and Installation

What are the signs that you need a new water heater?
  • How well has your water heater been maintained? A water heater that has been neglected will not last as long. If it has not been flushed on an annual basis, then it has not been well maintained.
  • Is it near a drain? Water heaters should be in a basement or, if one is not available, on the ground floor near a drain. If you have one on an upper level, you should get a water heater replacement and have it installed where drainage is available in case of a leak.
  • How is your water quality? Hard water and well water with a lot of sediment will put more wear on a water heater. It will need to be replaced sooner than one that does not have this kind of wear.
  • What gallon capacity do you use? If you and the members of your household frequently run out of hot water, you should think about getting a water heater replacement and installing a unit with a larger capacity.
  • What is the energy efficiency rating? There are many types of energy-efficient water heaters available now a days. If you have an old unit that takes a lot of time and energy to recover after hot water has been used up, you may want to think about getting a more efficient unit.

When it is time for a new water heater our experienced professionals are happy to go over the top-quality manufacturers’ options with you. The Plumbing Joint can inspect your home or business to help determine the right dimensions you need for your new water heater. We can also help you narrow down the options by asking about your needs and preferences. All of this will ensure you get the right water heater for your home or office.  Or if you already have a water heater picked out, we can deliver it to you and install it for you. We are licensed and qualified for gas water heaters and tankless water heater installations as well as large-scale industrial water heaters.


Bellevue Water Heater Services

In addition to our years of experience and know-how, there are many benefits to using us for water heater repair in Bellevue. We are proud to offer exceptional customer service- arriving on time, clean, and ready to answer Water Heater Repair in Bellevue, Washingtonany questions you may have.

When we come out to you we will provide comprehensive inspection for your water heater and will fully diagnose the problem.

These are all part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedication to doing good work while being a friendly, customer-first company is why we have such a high rating with customer review sites and with the BBB.