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Best Sewer Repair in Renton WAFor Sewer Repair in Renton, WA  you will want to call on local, experienced professionals that know the homes in this area. The Plumbing Joint Inc. has been actively serving the community since 1973 and we are proud to have been locally owned and family operated. We are thoroughly trained in the working with the sewer problems in Renton and are prepared to  diagnose your main drain line issue and fix it right. We will work with you on providing you options so that you can choose the best option for your situation. In most cases your sewer problem is caused by a drain clog. As part of the drain clearing and cleaning process, our trained and certified plumbing technicians will use our sewer camera technology to identify any cracks, breaks, or intrusions that need repair. We provide the straight-forward, affordable services that you are looking for- it’s time to get your main line fixed for good.


Sewer Line Breaks, Cracks and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Renton, Washington

Line problems can be caused by several factors- especially in older homes.

  • In sewer lines installed before 1980 you may be faced with lines that we build with weak materials. Concrete and ceramic were two building materials used during that time that will deteriorate with years of ware. Over time these lines can start to break or crack and let in dirt, groundwater and other materials and let sewage escape out.
  • Over time the ground supporting your main line may also shift and cause sewer line problems. With the ground moving there could even be a collapse of the line which would back up the sewage flow coming from your home.
  • An additional problem that your sewer line may face is tree roots.  Over time, and with weaker materials the roots from the surrounding trees can grow into the cracks in your pipes. Once in the roots will grow through the line and can cause additional blockage or breakage.
  • No matter the sewer line problem, or the combination of issues we have the expertly trained plumbers to solve your issue. We will work with you to complete a comprehensive diagnosis and we have the equipment and experience to fix the problem right. We also will provide superior service and work with you to help determine the best course of action for your sewer line problem. We are the plumbing company that Renton has been relying on for decades.


Contact your Renton, Washington Sewer Repair Professionals

Locally based in Renton and family operated for over forty years- we are ready to fully handle your sewer line issue. We are proud to provide the best in sewer repair in Renton, while staying affordable and transparent. We are excited to earn your business and become your family plumber for years to come. When you experience sewer cracks or breaks, you’ll want them fixed before home-damaging backups occur. If you need sewer repair in Renton, contact us today and we will quickly come out to you with quality plumbing services.

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