Sewer Repair Redmond

Sewer Repair Redmond, WA

Sewer Repair RedmondOver time, especially in the older Redmond, WA homes, you may need to look into sewer repair Redmond, WA. Your main line will need to be fixed when you are experiencing a clog, back-up or break. For quality, professional sewer services contact the experts at The Plumbing Joint Inc. We have been working with Redmond homes for decades and will offer you cot-effective solutions that will fix your sewer problem.  Whether you need a small sewer line repair or an entire sewer replacement we are here to first expertly diagnose the origin of the issue with our sewer camera  and then fix the problem correctly. We offer a straight-forward pricing structure and will work with you in choosing the best fix option for your problem.  Our highly-trained, certified technicians are ready to come out to you quickly and get started working on your sewer problem.  We strive to always provide the highest level of service,  and we stand behind our work.  With us you will get the best available plumbing work in Redmond; a local company that works hard to make sure your main line is functioning correctly.


Root Intrusions, Sewer Breaks and Cracks

Sewer Repair Redmond, Washington

Main line, also called sewer line, damage may be caused by a variety of different reasons.

  • The sewer lines in older homes may deteriorate over time due to the supplies used to create the line.  Before 1980 materials such as ceramic and concrete were utilized and over time these structures breakdown causing cracks and breakage.   Once there is cracks or breakage your line can let in groundwater and dirt; and also let your sewage escape out.
  • Damage to your main line may also have been caused by shifting in the ground.  Over time the ground will naturally shift and the weight of this can cause small cracks, breaks or even a complete obstruction.
  • Over time an additional issue that may effect your line is the infiltration of tree roots into your pipes.  Through small breaks roots can insert themselves and then spread in your line creating a back-up or even a complete clog.
  • At The Plumbing Joint we have plumbers that are specifically trained sewer specialists. With our technology and expertise we will assist you in helping decide if  a repair or sewer replacement is best for your situation. We are the sewer experts that will offer affordable solutions that will solve your problem.


Contact the Sewer Repair Professionals

For the best plumbing services and sewer repairs in Redmond give us a call today.  Do not deal with  sewer cracks or break-ups or property damage call the expert plumbers at The Plumbing Joint! We will work hard to become your family plumbers for years to come by being affordable and transparent while delivering the highest level of quality.

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