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Best Sewer Repair in Kent WAWhen you are having sewer line issues with your Kent area home it is time to contact The Plumbing Joint.  We provide quality and cost-effective Sewer Repair.  With older homes  it is important to be vigilant of main line (also called sewer line) problems.  When you notice a clog, or back-up in your line or sewage leakage in your yard it is time to called the trained plumbers.  The Plumbing Joint has all the latest diagnostic sewer repair equipment and certified, specially trained plumbers to pinpoint the origin of your sewer issue.  We will also work with you to provide  options on how best to handle your line problem.  Our hope is to take the hassle out the process.  We are fast, efficient and have a straightforward pricing structure that we will provide to you over the phone.  So whether you have a smaller sewer repair or larger sewer replacement- we can handle it for you.  Let’s get your main drain line fixed for good!


Line Cracks, Sewer Breaks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Kent, Washington

Sewer damage can originate from a few main sources.

  • In housing structures that are over three decades old you may end up experiencing main line issues.  This is because of the material used during this time  on the sewer line wares over the years. Ceramic and concrete may have been used to construct the lines during this time and those materials can crack or break creating line issues.
  • Also over time the ground’s natural settling  can negatively effect the line and breaks and cracks can occur.  This could partially or completely close off your line flow.
  • When you have trees in your yard you may also experience an intrusion of roots. Roots can get into your pipe through small cracks and then they can clog up the entire line.  The older sewer lines are more likely to have this issue, but it can happen to any line.
  • We have the trained technicians to and sewer experts to help with any problem that your sewer line is facing. When you choose us your will get efficient, fast service and repair- every tim


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The Plumbing Joint strives to always provide the highest quality services that we can stand behind. We hope to exceed your expectations and become your family plumbers for years to come. We are locally based and know the types of sewer lines in the Kent areas.  With sewer cracks or breaks, you’ll want them repaired before your facing home-damaging sewer line backup. When you need sewer repair in Kent, contact us today!

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