Sewer Repair Issaquah WA

Sewer Repair Issaquah, WA

Sewer Repair IssaquahWhen you need Sewer repair in Issaquah, WA you will want to contact trained professionals that have experience in sewers and the correct equipment to properly diagnose the issue.  The Plumbing Joint Inc. is proud to have been servicing Issaquah’s plumbing needs for over forty years.  Our plumbers are skilled, certified and have on-going experience to complete your sewer repair correctly and efficiently.  We also have the latest sewer video equipment that can help pinpoint the location of the problem.  No matter if it is a small repair or complete sewer line replacement we are ready to help you.  We also offer straightforward pricing that we will provide over the phone to take the stress out of the process and we always work with you to determine the best course of action for your sewer issue.  Contact us today and we will quickly come out to your site and start working with you!


Sewer Cracks, Sewer Breaks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Issaquah, Washington

Sewer damage is a plumbing problem that can be caused by a few different factors.

  • In homes built over thirty years ago you may experience sewer line issues due to the quality of supplies used to construct the pipes.  Concrete and ceramic are two common  examples of materials used during the time. With ware these type of pipes can crack and break allowing foreign objects into the line and sewage to leak from the pipes.
  • Also over time normal shifting of the ground can damage the main line.  The line can become crushed, blocked or broken with continued settling of the line.
  • Another issue for the sewer system is that tree roots can grow into the pipes through breaks and cracks.  Once tree roots have infiltrated the pipes they will grow throughout the line and cause back-ups and eventually clogs.  when tree roots grow into or through the side sewer.
  • Our plumbing and sewer specialists are specially trained to fix any sewer repair issue.  We help with complete replacements and even tiny sewer line repairs. We are the experienced technicians that Issaquah relies on for fast, efficient plumbing services.


Contact the Sewer Repair Experts

When you want quality, affordable sewer repair call the local experts.  When you call us we will come out right away and work hard for you- we want to be your family plumber for years to come. Do not delay in calling us for sewer cracks or breaks– you will want it repaired before home-damaging main line backups happen to you.

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