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Best Sewer Repair in Bellevue WAWhen it comes to Sewer Repair in Bellevue WA you’ve got a little bit of a mixed bag since there are homes of varying age in this area. There are many good reasons to the sewer repair and replacement experts at The Plumbing Joint Inc.  We are prepared to help throughout the process of diagnosing your main drain line issue and fixing it for good. In most cases, it is a drain clog causing a sewer backup, and ultimately it’s a drain cleaning issue that is first called about. As part of the drain clearing and cleaning process, our plumbers must look at the sewer line using a sewer video camera in order to diagnose and cracks, breaks, or intrusions that will require sewer repair. We will diagnose the problem with your sewer line and provide you some options on how to best handle it, whether a smaller sewer repair or larger sewer replacement is best. We always aim to be the friendly and honest professionals. Let’s get your main drain line fixed for good!


Sewer Cracks, Sewer Breaks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Bellevue, Washington

Sewer damage is a plumbing issue that can be caused by a few different things.

  • Many houses built before 1980 will have weaker and outdated materials used in their sewer lines. Concrete and ceramic sewer lines are good examples.  These lines can deteriorate over time and create cracks or breaks where groundwater, dirt, and other materials are let in, and sewage can be leaked out. Bellevue has a mix of old and new homes, so the material may or may not be an issue for your home.
  • The ground’s natural settling and shifting can cause breaks and cracks in your sewer, and in some cases, a complete collapse of the sewer line. This could partially or completely close off your sewage flow.
  • Another issue for the sewer system is root intrusion. This is when tree roots grow into or through the side sewer line. This causes cracks and leaks, plus the roots clog up the line and stop the flow of your waste. The older sewer materials are more susceptible, but it can happen to any line. If you’ve ever heard of a company using the name “Rooter”, it’s in reference to the grinding up of roots in the line. It’s better to get a new sewer line to halt the issue altogether.
  • We have the plumbers and sewer experts to help you choose whether a repair or complete replacement of your main drain line is best. From start to finish you will see the benefit of our expertise in doing the sewer repair Bellevue area residents have been using for decades.


Contact the Sewer Repair Specialists

For the best in sewer repair in Bellevue, you will want to call an established company like ours. Since 1973, we’ve been handling the problems that arise in your sewer system. With sewer cracks or breaks, you’ve got to get them repaired before home-damaging sewer line backups can occur. If you need sewer repair in Bellevue, contact us today to get fast, efficient service, and honest diagnosis of your sewer repair issue.

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