Tacoma Sewer Repair

Sewer repair in Tacoma, WA is an issue that comes up quite often due to the age of many homes in the area. There are many good reasons to call our sewer line experts here at The Plumbing Joint Inc.  We help you through the entire sewer repair or sewer replacement process. In most cases, it is a drain clog, sewer back up, or some sort of drain cleaning issue that is first reported. As part of the drain clearing and cleaning process, our plumbing technicians must look at the sewer line with our sewer camera video equipment in order to diagnose and cracks, breaks, or intrusions that will require sewer repair. Our staff  of plumbers are highly-trained to handle any issues with your sewer and provide you some options on how to best handle excavation and whether a smaller sewer repair or larger sewer replacement is best. They are friendly and trustworthy, and you will get the best available service to ensure that your sewer is completely repaired and functioning properly when we are done with your project.

Sewer Cracks, Sewer Breaks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer damage is a plumbing issue that can be caused by a few different things.

  • Many houses built before 1980 will have inferior outdated materials used in their sewer lines. Concrete and ceramic are two examples.  These lines can deteriorate over time and create cracks or breaks where groundwater, dirt, and other materials are let in, and sewage can be leaked out. These leaks can damage your lawn and expose you to unpleasant smells throughout your property.
  • With the older materials the ground natural settling and shifting and cause breakages, and cracks in the line—sometimes even crush a line until it’s partially or completely closed off.
  • Another issue for the sewer system is when tree roots grow into or through the side sewer. This causes cracks and leaks that need to be fixed. The older sewer materials are more susceptible, but it can happen to any line. This is why drain cleaning companies also use the name “Rooter”, since they will often grind up the roots in the line.
  • Our plumbing and sewer specialists, will be able to help you choose whether a repair or complete replacement is best. From start to finish you benefit from our expertise doing the sewer repair Seattle area residents need.

Contact the Sewer Repair Specialists

For the best in sewer repair in Tacoma, WA, you will want to call us! We will get right to work on fixing any problems that have arisen with your sewer system. The most important thing when it comes to sewer cracks or breaks is to get it repaired before home-damaging sewer line backups can occur. If you need sewer repair in Seattle, contact us today and we will get right to work on giving you the most honest diagnosis and service in the area.

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