Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair KirklandWhen your home needs sewer repair in Kirkland you will want to call trusted, experienced experts to take care of the issue.  The Plumbing Joint Inc. has been serving the Kirkland community for decades and will provide you with cost-effective, straightforward pricing (that you can get over the phone) and quality work.   We  make the entire sewer repair or sewer replacement process transparent and stress-free. Sewer problems, in many circumstances, are caused by a clogged drain, sewer back up, or some sort of drain clearing problem. We have the latest technology to diagnose the problem correctly and fix only what is needed.  Our expert certified plumbers will  inspect the sewer line with our sewer camera video equipment and will identify any cracks, breaks, or intrusions that will require repair. Our  highly-trained technicians are ready to tackle any issues with your sewer and work with you on giving you choices on how to best handle the excavation-  whether it be a small sewer repair or larger replacement. We will work hard to give you superior service and ensure that your sewer is completely repaired and functioning correctly.


Sewer Breaks, Cracks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Kirkland, Washington

Damage to your sewer can be caused by a variety of issues-especially in older sewer lines.

  • Sewer lines that were placed over thirty years ago may start to have issues due to the materials utilized when creating the line. Concrete and ceramic were used during this time on sewer lines and overtime those materials deteriorate. With continued ware these lines break and crack and dirt, and groundwater seep into the lines and sewage can escape. These leaks create damage to your property as they come up through your lawn and can also create a rank smell.
  • Your sewer line may also have been effected over time due to natural ground shifting. This  can  cause breakages, and cracks in your sewer line.
  • Tree roots can also cause problems for sewer lines- especially when the line is older.  The roots can infiltrate your pipes and grow into and through the sewer line causing the line the run slowly and eventually clog up.
  • Our plumbing and sewer specialists, will use our inspection equipment and our extensive training to  identify the problem in your sewer line and will work with you to best diagnose whether a repair or complete replacement is best for your situation.


Contact the Sewer Repair Specialists

For quality, professional sewer repair in Kirkland, call us today and we will be right out.  We are family owned and operated and been working with Kirkland homes for over three decades.  We know how to most effectively help with your plumbing issue.  The most immediate concern when it comes to sewer cracks or breaks is to get it repaired before your sewer line backups and damages more of your home’s plumbing. If you need sewer repair in Kirkland, contact us today and we will swiftly get to work for you giving you a straightforward diagnosis, a transparent estimate and the best service in the area.

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