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Drain Cleaning For Every Situation

When your drains start to back up or you have a sewer line issue- do not worry- call the trained professionals. The Plumbing Joint can take care of any plumbing repair you need in an affordable manner. Back-ups, stop-ups, and clogging all over time and will effect your drainage and your pipes. Whether it be from an object lodged in your pipes or from an accumulation of waste material.   We will provide you with best drain cleaning services Sammamish has to offer. The Plumbing Joint Inc. is committed to giving quality services every time.  We have four decades of experience and have always been locally owned and operated.  We will quickly check out any plumbing or drain issue that you have and then provide cost-effective solutions to solve the problem to get you back to your day. The Plumbing Joint services all your plumbing needs- from kitchen drains to clearing your main line, contact us and we will solve it!


Drain Cleaning Services

Clearing Any Drain In Your Home

You will want experience plumbing technicians to clear your drains correctly- the first time.   We have the knowledge and materials to quickly fix your drain, pipe or line problem. The Plumbing Joint will help with all drains you have including:

  • Shower/Bathtub Drains. Is your tub water not draining quickly? You may have a clog caused by hair, soap and other residue that has accumulated in your pipes.  Contact a professional and we will find the problem and swiftly clear it.
  • The Bathroom Sink. A bathroom sink drains can get stopped up from discarded waste materials such as toothpaste, hair, hand soap, mouthwash and small objects. Relax- we can quickly get you back to your normal daily use.
  • Your Kitchen Drains. On a regular basis food waste and grease tend to go down the kitchen sink drain—and it is not fun when that drain stops running efficiently. There may be a problem at the source of your drain or anywhere farther down the pipe.  For a better diagnosis and cleaning service give us a call.
  • Toilet Clogs. Toilet paper can easily clog when anything material that is not toilet paper is flushed.  If feminine products, baby wipes,tissues, napkins, and paper towels get flushed down the toilet and you may be looking at a back up. We can help figure out if  the problem- no matter the location.
  • In Other Areas. Drains throughout the home are also susceptible to breaking down or backing up.  When you are ready to get these repaired we will provide you with a superior service.  Remember though, that clogged drains like these in the basement or first floor could indicate a backup somewhere in your main sewer line.  If you suspect a sewer problem call promptly.
  • The Sewer Main Line. Fixing, repairing and replacing your main sewer line is something that The Plumbing Joint has been specifically trained in.  Over time your main line become obstructed from tree roots, breakages caused by ground shifts, or pipe clogs from waste or grease that have stopped  your waste water flow. We can fix any of these issues with your line immediately.  We have the drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to diagnose, clear, and repair the problem.

Drain Cleaning Sammamish WA

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We have the experience and training to be the drain cleaning experts that have been serving Sammamish for over 40 years! We are also proud to offer straight-forward pricing.  We also provide hassle-free services and you will be impressed by our transparent pricing structure that we are not afraid to provide over the phone. Contact us today.