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Drain Cleaning North Bend

Drain Cleaning For Your Home

Is it time to repair your backed up drains? Blockages and clogs occur with mass build-up over time and will eventually clog your drains.  When you are experiencing any type of drain or plumbing issue do not wait another day- to get a proper diagnosis, and affordable solutions you’ll want to call on the company that provides the best drain cleaning services  in North Bend. The Plumbing Joint Inc.  has been serving the community for over 40 years and is committed to inspecting every issue and then providing comprehensive services that will get you back to your day.  For everything in all parts of your house, and even your sewer main line contact us and we will quickly be out to help!


Drain Cleaning Services

Professionally Clearing ALL Drains

We are confident that we can clear your drains and fix your plumbing. If it is meant to flow, you can depend on us to get it working right again. We can assist with all drains you have including:

  • Shower/Bathtub Drains. When water pools at your feet you may have a tub drainage issue. A clogged drain in your bath is probably caused by hair down the drain. Many times you cannot easily the hair mass and soap, or foreign objects can add to the mess. Calling a pro will make the clearing process easy for you!
  • The Bathroom Sink. Your bathroom sink can become backed up from an accumulation of toothpaste, hand soap, mouthwash and even hair. We’ll get you back to your regular use.
  • Your Toilet Clogs. Toilet paper disintegrates when it flushes but when other materials are flushed they may clog up your pipes. When wipes, tissues, napkins, and paper towels are discarded in the toilet they can create a clog and back up. We can help figure out the origin of the issue and clear it.
  • Kitchen Drains. A large amount of waste goes down your kitchen sink—so you will not want it to get clogged up. Over time the grease and food waste, even soap, can accumulate on the sides of the pipes, causing the drain to run more slowly. Visible issues may be easily handled, but for issues farther down your pipes you may need a diagnosis and repair.
  • All Other Areas. Drains in your utility room, laundry, garage and even driveway may also become clogged over time. We can come in and fix it quickly. Remember though, that backed up drains on the floor or basement level can indicate a larger issue with the  sewer line—call us quickly if this is the case.
  • Sewer Main Line. In addition to your smaller drain problems we also have the expertise and equipment to work on the main sewer line. Your sewer line may experience problems when tree roots grow into your pipes, breakages can occur by ground shifts, or even build-ups from waste or grease can stop your waste water flow. Call us we have the drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to comprehensively inspect and fix ANY issue with your main line.

Drain Cleaning North Bend WA

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The Plumbing Joint is locally owned and operated. We provide quality services and are proud to be the drain cleaning experts. In addition to superior services we also provide our customers with a straight-forward, transparent pricing structure.  For the best plumbing services that North Bend has to offer contact us today.