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When your drains are clogged or have started to run slowly it may be time to call in the experts!  The Plumbing Joint will quickly and affordably get your drains back to normal.  We are extensively trained and fully licensed, bonded and insured.  We are the local, professionals. Drains slow or completely clogged? Whether it is from a lodged object or build up that has accumulated we can take care it.  We will solve your drain problem- large or small.  For accurate diagnosis and an up-front pricing structure you want to count on us we offer the most efficient, high quality drain cleaning services for Mercer Island. The Plumbing Joint Inc. is committed to your satisfaction we will always provide a comprehensive inspection and will put together a plan to solve the issue completely.  For all plumbing and drain issues contact us and we will take care of it.


Drain Cleaning Services

Complete Services for ALL Drains In Your Home

If it’s meant to flow, we can repair it. We have all the equipment, technology and  decades of specific experience to fixing all your drain problems.

  • Your Kitchen Drains.  Because of everyday use a working kitchen sink is vital. With continued use over time your pipes can slowly clog with food and grease.  If you can see the origin of the problem you may be able to fix the clog but if it is farther down the line call in a professional for a diagnosis and quick repair.
  • Shower/Bathtub Drains. When your drain your tub the water should clear quickly and not pool.  If your bathtub drain is not working properly it may have been caused by an accumulation of hair, soap and other materials.  To get it cleared we quickly come out to you and solve the issue to get your shower back to normal.
  • The Bathroom Sink. With discarded toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and hair your bathroom sink can get clogged up over time.  Do not live with backed up sinks- just give us a call.
  • Toilet Clogs. Toilets become backed up with objects or materials other than toilet paper are flushed down.  When wipes, feminine products, napkins or other objects are flushed your pipes can get clogged.   We will diagnose the origin of the issue before we start work- whether it is the toilet itself or a problem down the drain line.
  • All Areas of the House. When your other drains that are located throughout your house begin to have issues we are the plumbing joint to call.  Problem with your laundry, utility or driveway drain? No problem. Backed up drains on lower levels of your house can indicate a main line issue– do not wait on fixing these drains.
  • The Sewer Main Line. No matter the size of the plumbing problem we can help.  Even when there is an issue with the main sewer line we have the equipment and training to solve the problem.  Your sewer line may need repair if there has been roots that have infuriated cracks in the pipe, or ground shifts that have disturbed the pipe or  build-ups that have stopped your water flow. Do not worry, we have the drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to properly inspect and repair ANY problem with your main line.

Drain Cleaning Mercer Island

Your Mercer Island Drain Cleaning Company

Mercer Island, we are your local owned and family operated company.  We having been servicing Mercer Island for over 40 years and counting.  We aim to be hassle-free so we offer quotes over the phone and have a straight-forward pricing structure.   Have additional plumbing or drain cleaning questions? Just ask- we would love to work with you.  For all your drain cleaning needs  contact us today.