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Having a drain issue? Relax. The Plumbing Joint provides quality services that can fix any drain or water line issue in your house. Build-ups happen and can slow your drains leading to a clog. Any size material that  goes down the pipes can get stuck and block the water flow.  In order to get the best and most straight-forward drain cleaning services Kent has to offer call us. The Plumbing Joint Inc. is a locally owned and operated company committed to completely inspecting and then solving your drain issues so that you can rest easy. For everything from simple kitchen drain blockages to clearing your sewer line, contact us and we will expertly repair the problem.


Drain Cleaning Services

Clearing Every Drain In Your House

When you choose us you get decades of service experience in drain cleaning and plumbing. If it is anything associated with your pipes or plumbing, we’re the company you can rely on. We can help with all drains you have including:

  • Your Kitchen Drains. You use your kitchen sink everyday so you want to make sure it is properly functioning. With constant usage your kitchen pipes can accumulate food waste causing the drain to run slowly or back-up. You may be able to clear small,  visible clogs but for bigger problems farther down the pipes call a professional to quickly fix your drain issue.
  • Shower/Bathtub Drains. Do you have backed-up water in your tub during showers? You may have a build-up of by hair down the drain- overtime this issue will continue to get worse with additional hair, soap scum and even foreign objects can contribute.  When it is time to get back to quick draining- give us a call and we will work to quickly alleviate the issue.
  • The Bathroom Sink. Build ups from toothpaste, hand soap, mouthwash and hair can cause your bathroom sink to drain slow. We can quickly get your drain flushed out so that you can go back to regular use.
  • Toilet Clogs. Many times foreign objects can find their way into the toilet. Sometimes non-flushable wipes, feminine products , and paper towels can get flushed down and start a back-up.  If your toilet is not flushing properly we can help.  We can inspect and see if something is stuck in the toilet or further down the drain line.
  • In Other Areas. Also the other drains in your residence can get clogged occasionally. Your laundry room drain,  garage drain, drains on the patio or driveway, and perhaps even a drain in the utility room can start backing up. Pay special attention to backed-up drains  on the floor or basement level as they can be an indicator of a larger issue with the sewer line—do not wait to contact if this is the case.
  • The Sewer Main Line. We are experienced experts in taking care of all drain issues.  Smaller drains and we also work with the main sewer line.  With your main line tree and shrub roots can grow into the pipes,  ground shifts can cause breakage, and also build-ups from waste can halt your  water flow.  Do not worry- we take care of it all. We have the drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to diagnose and fix any issue with your main sewer line.

Drain Cleaning Kent WA

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The Plumbing Joint is proud to have over 40 years of experience serving the Kent area. As you can see, we are truly the cost-effective drain cleaning experts.   We also are happy to provide a straight-forward, transparent pricing structure. For any drain issues contact us today!