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Drain Cleaning

Professionally Cleaning Drains

When your drains are clogged or happen to run slow do not worry- call the Plumbing Joint. We can handle all of your drains by servicing them in a fast and cost-effective way. Over time buildups in your pipes will slow your drains and may even cause back-ups. In order to get proper diagnosis,  and quality plumbing services- you will want to contact us as we have the best drain cleaning services Federal Way has to offer. The Plumbing Joint Inc. is locally owned and family operated.  We will come out to you and provide a comprehensive inspection and solutions.  We are the plumbers that are trained to handle any drain issue,  simple kitchen and bathroom clogs, to clearing your sewer line, contact us and we will handle the problem.


Drain Cleaning Services

Clearing ALL Drains The Home

No matter the problem we are confident we can clear and repair your drains. And if it’s meant to flow, we’re the company for the problem. We work with any drains you have including:

  • The Kitchen Drains. Everyday you use your kitchen drain so it is important to get fixed if there is a clog or back-up. With daily use your kitchen pipes can accumulate food and grease and other materials. With the buildup your drains will gradually clog and then water will drain slow and eventually stop. You may be able to clear small clogs at the source but if you need further diagnostics and services you can count on us.
  • Shower/Bathtub Drains. You want to keep your tub drains clear- when you have water collect at your feet you have an issue.A clogged drain in your shower is usually caused by a build up of hair combining with other discarded objects and scum. The mess may not be able to clear to get your shower flowing again– calling a pro makes this process much quicker for you!
  • The Bathroom Sink. A bathroom sink can become clogged from the materials that are put down the sink on a regular basis.  Buildups can stem from a collection of hair, toothpaste, soap, and mouthwash. We’ll get your sink running normally.
  • Toilet Clogs. A clogged toilet is no fun. When foreign objects and baby wipes, feminine products, facial tissues, and paper towels can get flushed down the toilet, become lodged and create immediate back up. Or overtime these materials can combine to create a backlog.  Our plumbers can assist quickly with any toilet issue.
  • In Other Areas. Throughout the home there are other drains.  Your drains in the laundry room, garage, driveway or other areas can also clog from time to time.  When you are ready to have them cleared, we will fix them swiftly.  When though, these drains are on the floor or basement level you may be experiencing an issue with the main sewer line—do not hesitate to get this repaired if this is the case.
  • The Sewer Main Line. We are the experienced technicians that will handle all your plumbing and drain problems.  We can handle your small drains and also professional and affordably repair your the main sewer line. With older plumbing you may have tree roots that have penetrated, breakages can also occur by ground shifts, or build-ups from waste in your pipe that have restricted water flow. With any main line issue, we have the drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to diagnose and repair every problem your main sewer line.

Drain Cleaning Federal Way

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We have been proud to serve the Federal Way area for over forty years.  We have extensive experience and are proud to be the drain cleaning experts.  We will strive to provide you with the best plumbers and customer service in the area.  We also are known as the honest plumbing company as we offer transparent, straightforward pricing structure.  Contact us today and we will help you out!