Clogged Toilets Bellevue

Clogged Toilets

Clogged Toilets BellevueDealing with an average clogged toilet is no big deal. Most people can handle working a plunger. However, some clogs cannot be released with only a plunger. Perhaps your child has flushed a toy that is lodged in the pipes. You may have a hair clog that has trapped other debris. Whatever the reason, The Plumbing Joint Inc. has your answer to clogged toilets in Bellevue and the surrounding cities. We offer more than 40 years of expert plumbing experience and quality customer care.

Just some of the toilet complaints we handle include:

  • Leaking toilets
  • Toilet installations
  • Clog repair
  • Non-invasive pipe inspection
  • Slow draining toilets
  • No draining toilets
  • Backed up toilets
  • And more

If you have a toilet clog that cannot be plunged or consistently reoccurs, contact us for fast, affordable service. Some clogged toilets are a sign of a larger problem. Our certified plumbers are licensed and experienced at finding and fixing all the possible sources of a clogged toilet. Clogged toilets can come from a simple item that is causing a backup or the clog  could be deep in the sewer line. Other times it can be a leak in the pipes that creates a problem. No matter what the cause, we can find it and fix it.

Professional Clogged Toilet Repair

Clogged toilets are tempting to fix with drain cleaners you find at the grocery store. The problem with these cleaners is that they are very harsh on pipes. If you have corrosion or even a leak already under way, these drain cleaners can make the situation much worse. They also do not address clogs that are due to toys or other items that may have been flushed into the pipes.

If you have a toilet clog that will not come lose with plunging or that is consistently slow or happens with frequency, we suggest you call us for an inspection. These may be signs of a larger problem. Getting professional repair for your clogged toilets includes a diagnosis of the real source of the problem. We can catch leaks, drain problems, and sewer line problems before they become a larger, more costly issue.

How is our service different?

Clogged Toilets Bellevue

  • 24-hour service, 7-days a week
  • Residential and commercial toilet repair
  • Our licensed and certified technicians wear an ID badge for your safety
  • Licensed Journeyman on every call
  • Fully-stocked vehicles so you don’t have to wait for parts
  • All technicians have passed a thorough background check and carry a photo ID
  • Excellent customer reviews to back our claim of dedicated customer service
  • Written estimates with no hidden fees offered before any work is done

As a locally-owned business in the Bellevue area since 1973, we are dedicated to our customers. Our A+ rating with the BBB and high volume of positive ratings with our customers is evidence of that dedication. We are committed to excellent, affordable plumbing services and top-notch customer care.

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Contact us today for your clogged toilets in Bellevue and get a professional help you can count on!